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Volunteer Sign-up

View open volunteer opportunities, sign up, and receive email notifications prior to your volunteer date.


Member Portal

Members are able to view their contributions, a pictorial directory, and shared photos. 


Is there a video tutorial on how to use the member portal?

Yes, it can be found HERE.

How do I get access to the member portal?

Access needs to be initiated via an email invitation from the St. Luke office. Please contact the office if you have not received an invitation to the portal.

I never received my email invitation to join the member portal?

If there are multiple members in your family, please first verify that no one else in your family received the email. There is only one login per family. If you have multiple emails, verify the invite did not get sent to one of your other email addresses and check your spam folders. If the email never came through, please contact the church office.

I forgot my username?

Your username would be the email that initially received the invite from St. Luke. If you are unsure of what that is, please contact the church office.

Can I change my password?

Yes, at the login screen to the member portal there is a 'forgot password' button.

Can I update my photo?

Yes, please see the tutorial HERE.

Can I update my contact information?

Please contact the church office to update your records.

Can I hide any of my contact information on the member directory?

Yes, please see the tutorial HERE.

Who has access to this directory?

Only members of St. Luke have access to the directory via their login.

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